How to buy furniture for the office effectively?

We know that buying office furniture can be a challenge. You must evaluate quality, guarantees, delivery times, etc. How to do it?

We guarantee you specialized advice and the development of projects that will optimize your spaces and resources . Do you want to know how we do it? Continue reading.

The benefits of buying

Buying office furniture can be an extremely complicated task, since it seems that you have to be an architect, interior designer, designer, purchasing manager and site supervisor.

In addition to your daily duties, it can be overwhelming just thinking about it. However, you don’t have to carry them out simultaneously.

  1. Save time: Choosing the supplier, knowing their products, prices, furniture characteristics, requesting quotes, making a comparison table, planning the space, waiting for the delivery, configuring the space and more, takes weeks, even months.
  2. We plan the offices based on your objectives: Leave us the most complicated task. We help you choose the ideal furniture for each workspace based on the needs of the people who will use it.
  3. We adjust to your budget: Our furnishing solutions respond to different budgets, styles, designs and preferences.
  4. We install the furniture: Don’t worry, after purchasing the furniture we will take care of assembling the furniture. But, if you want to do it yourself, each one has very precise instructions that make them easy to configure.

Faster and more efficient

The best way to help our clients is by giving them advice before, during and after purchasing the furniture.

The consultancies throughout the process allow us to be faster and more efficient when carrying out our work and, on the other hand, our clients have a better understanding of the purchase, which facilitates them to make better decisions.

When our advisors are in contact with clients, they are interested in knowing in depth their needs and objectives to propose accordingly.

A specialized advice will consist of identifying the functions for which the furniture will be used, knowing the place where it will be installed, working with the client’s budget and guaranteeing delivery time.

If at the end, we identify that we can make accessories to improve the functionality of the spaces, we make the proposal.

We are aware of the investment that buying office furniture represents and a failed purchase can waste not only time, but also money.

Our clients receive quality

Quality has been the result of multiple efforts we have undertaken and the reward for a job well done is the loyalty of our customers.

The ideal furniture for every office

If a client needs to furnish an office and will require chairs and desks , it is our duty to ask the functions for which they will be used.

For example, if it is a call center , people will spend long hours sitting, therefore, ergonomics in the furniture will be essential. Also, they will need to isolate the sound in their positions, ordered cables, lighting, etc.

Based on our experience and the information our clients provide us, we can achieve great things.

Furniture installation

To facilitate electrical connections, our products have harnesses that facilitate their installation.

In addition, the installation team has a specialized guide that indicates how the furniture should be arranged.

The importance of delivery time

We know that when buying office furniture , delivery time is one of the conditions when purchasing office furniture. We help you ensuring that the furniture will arrive on the established dates.

Our products are transferred through our own transport fleet that is responsible for guaranteeing the delivery of furniture in the best conditions and to any part of the Republic.

And so, finally, is how we manage to evaluate, plan and configure workspaces that help our clients achieve their objectives.