Tips for Buying an Office Meeting Desk

Furniture has multiple functions, for example a sofa as well as free storage. The advertisements / information / images that we convey to all readers are real photos of the finished furniture production, not copy and paste from the internet or unrealized designs.

The basic material of processed wood / multiplex / plywood / plywood is more suitable for furniture with modern minimalist designs. Solid wood is not suitable for modern designs (except classic designs). The multiplex brand has quite an effect on durability / durability. We use the “Merci” brand with a service life of more than 11 years and still in good condition.

Finishing paint system, has been replaced by HPL color. The advantages of HPL are more resistant to scratches / scratches than the painting system. Production charges are more economical for the paste system than the paint system If you find that the price of the painting system is cheaper than the patch system, it is certain that the painting results are not up to standard. Painting system production cost + 35% compared to patch systems using standard HPL.

Contains almost 70% of the total production output. No matter how good the material and design, it will not be realized if the production worker / worker does not have standard knowledge of furniture production / construction.

Interior furniture is a category of made by order furniture. Unlike the ready-made furniture.Custom both from size, coloring and others. Customers who usually buy finished furniture products – in general – for their next furniture purchases – have begun to upgrade to order interior furniture types. For example, a wardrobe product, this type of product on the inside of the cupboard cabinet, the needs of each customer are different based on their usage patterns.